Document Deliverables

Aircraft documentation is essential in determining an aircraft/engine history, current status, and future value. Whether required for initial sale or lease, financial due dilligence, in-service monitoring and maintenance programs, or off-lease delivery, 3Eagle obtains the essential documentation, ascertains its accuracy, and develops a documentation package that meets the requirements of aviation authorities and the client. Examples of aviation records obtained, prepared, and presented at various points in the lifecycle include:

▪ Airworthiness directives and summaries
Engine LLP status and supporting documentation
▪ Engine shop reports
Landing gear LLP status and supporting documentation
  (overhaul packages)
▪ Life-limited component listings
▪ Fuselage repair maps, summaries
▪ Compliance documents
▪ Parts and component listings and summaries
▪ Certifications
▪ Modification (SBs, STCs, EOs) summaries
▪ Aircraft history, including check history
▪ Maintenance program reports
▪ Outstanding maintenance item listings
▪ Maintenance intervals
Weight and balance
Original delivery documents
▪ Technical specifications
▪ Prepurchase documentation and physical inspection reports
▪ Mid-lease and ad-hoc documentation and physical inspection reports
▪ Aircraft photographs and video records
▪ And others dependent on the situation and client needs

When performing documentation audits, 3Eagle executes exhaustive reviews and often performs back-to-birth searches and verifications. A combination of documentation audit and physical inspection results in the development of hundreds of different documents, manuals, and certifications. The documents developed are based on the purpose of the audit/inspection, industry standards, and the client's goals. 3Eagle also provides for safe storage/archival of documents, as well as change control and ad-hoc reporting.

Accurate & Timely Documentation Delivery