3Eagle's team of specialists have a range of backgrounds and experience that includes military, major airline, and air cargo proficiency in many countries. They are degreed and licensed, and have worked with the majority of the aviation community during their respective careers. They deliver good ideas, excellent work, and fast and reliable service, treating each client as if it was their money at risk.

Brief backgrounds for two of our key management members is provided below.  Additional information about the entire staff is available at qualified request.

Team of Specialists
& Experienced

Anthony (Tony) Tarasewicz (President): During a career spanning more than 30 years in the civil commercial aviation industry, Tony has specialized in technical operations, commercial asset services, and technical consulting to a wide variety of clients ranging from small investment portfolios to large multi-national financial institutions. Tony has instrumentally participated in the structuring and realizing of complex international aircraft operating leases, purchases and sales transaction for third parties totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. These included aircraft purchases, sales and leases from/to major airlines, air cargo companies and between various financial institutions.

Tony founded 3Eagle Aviation in 1997, and has conducted several hundred high-level maintenance records and regulatory compliance audits on individual aircraft, fleets, physical audits of hangers, back shops, spare parts, engines, landing gear, simulator facilities, and operations centers. He has audited aircraft for acquisition by large shipping companies, as well as represented financial/leasing institutions on lease returns/rejects of aircraft from operators. He has served as the quality assurance representative at MRO vendor sites for heavy checks, and resolved issues between airlines, the FAA and EASA, and vendor maintenance providers. Tony has devised recurrent inspection schedules and LLP parts/component tracking methodologies as well as developed standard audit processes of aircraft documentation for lease return and acquisitions that major airlines and cargo carriers have implemented as part of their company standards.

Starting his aviation career in the United States Marine Corps in 1975, Tony was trained as a helicopter mechanic and has logged over 600 flight hours as a crew chief on the Sikorsky CH53 Sea Stallion helicopters. After an honorable discharge in 1979, he held positions as an A&P mechanic at Air West Helicopters on Bell, Hughes, and Aerospatiale helicopters and was the Director of Maintenance and co-founder of Orion Helicopters. His Continental Airlines career was served in Denver, beginning as an A&P mechanic and moving into the Quality Control department as a line and NDT inspector, culminating with the position of an NDT/QC Supervisor. Tony has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Finance major, from the University of Colorado at Denver and held a position in the employee stock options division at Merrill Lynch. Tony also holds a valid FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate.

Donald (Don) Beelart (Vice President, Technical Operations): Don has spent over 40 years of service in the aviation industry. With expertise spanning disciplines such as maintenance, flight operations, documentation, sales/acquisitions/leases, and organizational management, his knowledge and understanding of what is necessary to succeed in the modern aviation industry could only be acquired through time and hands-on experience.

As a key member of the 3Eagle team, among his many duties is assuring that 3Eagle's customers receive the highest quality products and services that they deserve and rely on. All 3Eagle projects are subjected to his scrutiny and must meet his high quality standards. His extensive knowledge of a large variety of aircraft, engines, spare parts, documentation, and sales acquisitions make him a "go to" source both internally and externally.

Don's aviation career started in the US Army in helicopter maintenance, shortly followed by flight school and US Army Test Pilot School where he was qualified on Bell UH-1 Hueys and OH-58 Kiowas. After his service to his country, he joined the Evergreen International Aviation team in McMinnville, Oregon, as an administrator and departed over a decade later as the Vice President of Sales and Contracts at the Marana Maintenance Center where he participated in all facets of the aviation maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) business.

When United Parcel Services (UPS) decided to expand into the Air Cargo business, Don was hired as a Quality Control specialist tasked with establishing the Aircraft Records department and training all the personnel who have the responsibility of maintaining these vital documents. He was instrumental in the auditing and building of records packages of over 150 aircraft entering the UPS fleet from various U.S. and international sources. Once the fleet was established, he managed the purchasing and surplus aircraft parts groups where he built on to his knowledgebase in the material fleet management/support aspects.

Since retiring from UPS in 2004, Don has performed numerous records audits and physical aircraft inspections, many of which have been FedEx acquisition projects. Don can step into any operator's records department and perform in-depth audits utilizing his vast knowledge of the various maintenance and records programs used throughout the industry.

Don holds FAA A&P and Commercial Pilots Certificates for both airplanes and helicopters. Throughout his career, Don has worked on, flown, bought, sold, or audited records of various types of aircraft ranging from Bell and Hughes Helicopters, Cessnas, Pipers, large piston driven aircraft -- DC-3, P2V, B17, Turbine-powered L-188, to large jets -- Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, and Airbus. He has earned a BS in Business Administration and has completed countless organizational schools, clinics, and seminars focused on topics ranging from marketing and finance to human resources. Outside of aviation, Don enjoys the mountains, deserts, and golf courses surrounding Tuscan, Arizona. 

Management Team