Safe Storage & Archival


Excellence in record keeping is fundamental to aviation sales and management because it is a critical component in protecting a company's assets. Data accessibility and safe storage is simply key to owning, operating, and servicing an aircraft and its engines. 3Eagle can directly enhance these aspects of aviation mangement by providing:

▪ Seamless access to aircraft and engine data via digital
  imaging/scanning of any size document or media format

▪ Online and paper-based access to aircraft and engine data

▪ User-friendly electronic formats and systems that are secure and safe

▪ Indexing services for documents via smart, searchable technology

▪ Multiple forms of media delivery including CD-ROM, FTP,
  or customized web-based repositiories

▪ Secure storage and archival of all documents and data that
  can include data duplication of paper media

▪ Securely-hosted and tightly-controled web portal for single point-of entry access to all data and documents requiring no infrastructure requirements from clients

▪ Secure, daily backups of online data to guard against any potential for data loss

▪ Recovery procedures in the event of critical loss

▪ Assistance in file preparation for numerous commercial
  document and content management software platforms

▪ Technical advice on records management systems

Aircraft and engine data changes are made throughout the life of the aircraft. 3Eagle can recommend and implement change control methods so that a systematic approach to managing all changes is followed. Thus, no unnecessary changes are made, all changes are documented, and services are not unnecessarily disrupted.

Because 3Eagle follows standard approaches to document and data devleopment, as well as storage and change control, we can quickly and efficiently develop ad-hoc reports. This service can reduce delays at lease end or purchase and minimize the possible exposures involved.

Change Control & Reporting

Critical Document Management