Prepurchase Services

Documentation Audits: Comprehensive records review that includes scanning and securing the current and historical aircraft and engine records, giving clients full access to well-organized, computerized data. 3Eagle ensures that all records are present and meet applicable regulations (including FAA, EASA, and others) and client requirements. Additionally, we ensure that records meet the conditions set forth in purchase agreements, including verification of life-limited parts (LLP), back-to-birth, and airworthiness directives. The   audit includes a full analysis of airworthiness directives, including ASB, AWLS, CPCP, SIP, gand aging aircraft requirements, all of which are documented in detailed reports.

▪ Airframe/Powerplant Inspections: On-site physical examination to determine the value effecting condition and serviceability of the aircraft, which can include engine video boroscoping. Certified staff perform the reviews and provide detailed reports that fully document the results of the physical survey, along with photos and/or  videos detailing the current condition of the aircraft.

▪ Functional Check/Demo Flight Representation: Highly qualified, flight deck representation is provided to witness any required functional or demonstration flight. 3Eagle ensures that in addition to client requirements, an aircraft's specific flight profile is followed. We can also provide a custom profile.

Financial Analysis: A sound and professional financial report of the aircraft or engine that is based on the records reviews, inspections, and current market values so that the potential purchase, sale, or lease is optimized. Costs associated with post-purchase can also be analyzed and documented.

International Assistance: If not already accomplished in the country of registry, 3Eagle provides extensive interaction with the aircraft owner/operator and local air authorities to verify the aircraft's certification status.We can also serve as the single-point of contact with the destination country, remaining with the aircraft through importation if desired.

Technical Advice: During the technical acceptance
process, 3Eagle offers technical opinions and 
recommendations, identifying both the positive and negative aspects of various scenarios. We can serve as the intermediary with the aircraft/engine manufacturer or third-party vendor to secure required documents and other purchase requirements.

During prepurchase, 3Eagle provides a professional financial analysis of an aircraft and engine, interacting with your counsel regarding the technical aspects of the aircraft purchase agreement and providing in-depth services, including:

Essential Data for Quality Transactions