Lease Returns

▪ Conduct the physical inspections, documentation audits, and test/demo flight support as required by lease return  provisions/conditions and standard industry practice.

▪ Generate and maintain detailed reports that provide insight into the compliance status of the aircraft with lease return conditions, airworthiness requirements, and general industry standards.

▪ Identify and summarize shortfalls, and plan and oversee remedial  actions while maintaining problem resolution sheets to ensure that the operator/lessee carries out necessary corrective actions so that discrepancies can be closed out.

3Eagle has represented owners and operators at lease return and provides companies with unbiased audit, advisory, and inspection services. Lease return activities are customized for specific aircraft, locations, and the requirements of the client. Our experienced staff can:

Audit & Inspection Services for Lease Returns

Serve as the technical experts conversant in all aspects of aircraft heavy maintenance requirements, including selection and evaluation of repair stations, workscope package design of exit/bridging checks, and on-location quality assurance oversight representation.

▪ Meet with lessor to discuss delivery programs and 
establish any modifications required by the operator prior to aircraft entering service.