In-Service Monitoring

▪  Lease Physical Inspections: On-site physical inspections of the aircraft and engines specifically geared to verify lessee compliance with the maintenance program and lease agreement, as well as regulatory requirements. From this inspection, 3Eagle determines the condition of the aircraft or asset. The results are fully documented and include status and utilization information, as well as photographs of the aircraft - exterior and interior -- and inventories as may be required.

▪ Lease Records Review/Status Summary: This audit provides verification of lessee compliance with all applicable maintenance obligations under the lease, including airworthiness directives, mandatory service bulletins, certificates, manuals, and  other regulatory and contractual requirements. Status reports are updated with utilization data and maintenance  activities. All modifications and updates are placed in a specialized database and continually maintained for easy reviews of the most up-to-date status information. 

Whether you require a complete lease management program or event-driven assistance, 3Eagle provides all of the technical and management services for your leased aircraft based on your requirements. Technical oversight and management services include:

Fleet Monitoring: The scheduled and continuous
monitoring of aircraft to maximize returns and minimize costs associated with aircraft leasing. 3Eagle monitors the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft in real time via periodic physical inspections, audits, and records reviews to verify compliance with the lease agreement and regulatory requirements. Activities can also include heavy  maintenance oversight and management;  engine shop visits and oversight; maintenance program use assessment; and lease extension request assessments.

Backoffice Services: 3Eagle can provide back office services that include record-keeping and compliance, data storage and access, data duplication, and scheduled and ad-hoc report development.

Technical & Management Services for Scheduled & Event-Driven Monitoring