Sale / Off Lease Preparation

▪  Perform a prelisting evaluation, including a physical inspection of the airframe and powerplant.

▪ Prepare all aircraft and engine documentation, obtaining necessary information from maintenance facilities and ensuring that it is organized and complete. 3Eagle provides a quality current documentation package presentation that will exceed any auditor's expectations.

▪ Identify issues that could affect purchase price or lease return, as well as limit the liability and reduce risk for all parties. This task includes evaluating upcoming maintenance requirements and regulatory mandates.

▪ Make recommendations for preparing the aircraft for sale or off-lease negotiations.

3Eagle understands that preparing aircraft for sale or to come off-lease can be a time-consuming and dramatic event. The aircraft's valuation becomes the main event and its past, present, and future potential are carefully scrutinized. Our staff assists sellers and leasors with aircraft and document preparation so that workable deals acceptable to all parties take place as effortlessly as possible. We can:

Preparations to Take Aircraft/Engines to Sale & Off Lease

▪ Develop financial adjustments for  items that cannot be corrected so that negotiations can be undertaken based on real numbers.

If a buyer/owner has been identified, survey their specific needs so that they can be addressed during negotiations.

▪ Prepare functional check/demo flights and act as the technical representatives during the activity.

▪ Act as the technical liaison during prepurchase audits and inspections.